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Toga Plant - A Natural Medicinal Plants

[Plants toga] Illustration toga plant
Toga Plant - A Natural Medicinal Plants. Plants or plant toga family medicine are different types of crops planted around the house. The plant is in addition to functioning as green and air cleaners, also has a wide range of health benefits when consumed.

Plants Toga - Types of Medicinal Plant Family

Indeed, every home needs to have some toga plants or plants that also serves as a natural remedy. That's because the benefits will be felt when one of the family members or neighbors about the need of first aid to the wound or any disease. Besides quickly obtained, these natural remedies are also rare side effects on the body. Here are some plants that you can plant toga around the house with ease.

1. Soursop

Who does not know soursop fruit, green-skinned fruit rough but white and juicy on the inside it has so many fans that it tastes sweet, sour and very fresh. In addition to their incredibly popular, it was the soursop has a myriad of benefits and almost all parts of the tree have the benefits and efficacy of our lives. So, it is best if you have a plant soursop trees around your home. Soursop fruit is high in vitamin C, which is about 20 mg per 1 ounce of flesh. In addition, this delicious fruit also contains vitamins B1 and B2, calcium, fiber, and phytochemical compounds, such as dextrose, acetaldehyde, procyanidine, and muricoreacin.

With such content, soursop fruit as toga plant is also efficacious for treating various diseases, such as constipation, pain in the bladder, treating diarrhea, back pain, constipation, gallstones, and also Anyang-anyangan. How to make the drug from soursop fruit that is easy to consume the juice or the juice of the fruit as much as a regular cup 2-3 times a day. In addition to fruit, soursop leaves is also very beneficial for health. For those of you who were desperately with cancer that do not depart from your body, the soursop leaves can be a choice of traditional medicine will be very effective, even more effective than chemotherapy. Based on several studies, it is evident that the content of acetogenesis in soursop leaves can kill cancer cells without damaging healthy cells in the body.

2. Powder

Apart from being one of the herbs and ingredients to make herbal medicine, you also can plant a crop kencur toga because rhizome also has various benefits as a traditional medicine. As cough and cold medicines to infants, you simply smoothes 2-3 kencur knuckles and 2 leaves cubeb or tailed pepper, then add a little warm water, then apply around the baby's nose so that breathing can be more relieved. As for the cough, you can refine kencur, take the juice and mix with 1 tablespoon warm water and Drinks in infants. Kencur plants are also effective for treating cough in adults. The trick is to mix the cider kencur one glass of warm water and a little salt, drink, and feel his usefulness in relieving itching in the throat.

In addition, you can also use the plant as medicine kencur colds. The trick is to chew directly kencur already dipped salt, swallow, and drink warm water immediately. Do it every morning and night until you heal colds. This method can also treat inflammatory bowel disease. If you want to be slimmer, you can also use this plant to refine 2 rhizome and take the juice, mix a little honey and drink every morning and evening regularly. Meanwhile, if you also have problems coming months, your menstrual relaxe kencur homemade herb. How, chopped 4-5 kencur segment, add the chopped trengguli, one piece of clove and a little fennel, then boiled in three cups of water until the two glasses. Consumption of two cups per day as well as herbs filtered.

Plants toga kencur will also be a potent remedy when one of your family members sprain. That Make the poultice with two basic ingredients kencur knuckles and a bit of rice that has been soaked, puree, and add a little water to be used as a poultice or powder on the body of the sprain. When tired, you can also make herbal medicine consists of several knuckles kencur, 1 red pepper, and 2 tablespoons of rice that has been roasted. Blend all ingredients and boil with two cups of water to a single glass. Then strain and drink. Herbal stew of plants can be made every time you feel tired.

3. Cats Whisker

Cat's whiskers plant is a toga that we often encounter in the wild around the garden. Apparently, plants that flower just like a cat's whiskers contains efficacy for treating swelling, urinary tract infections, as well as complaints to the symptoms of kidney disease. To treat swelling, you can make herbal stew made from 30 grams of leaves cat whiskers, 30 grams of leaf veins, as well as 30 grams of leaf snake tongue. As for treating urinary tract infections, you can make boiled herbs from plants toga made from 30 grams of leaves cat whiskers, meniran 30 grams, and 30 grams of commelia communis.

4. Sambiloto

Bitter is very well known with properties that can treat a variety of diseases, such as cancer, biliary tract infections, typhoid, hepatitis, diabetes, thyroid problems, and much more. To treat various diseases, you can dry the leaves crop this bitter toga. Use 10-20 grams each time you want to eat with boiled or mashed. While fresh bitter leaf that can be used as an outsider when you or a family member suffer from boils, rashes or sores bitten by a snake. The trick is to put the leaves that have been mashed or boiled water.

5. Turmeric

Turmeric is also one of Indonesia's distinctive herbs can also be a toga plant that contains many properties to treat various diseases and complaints issues of femininity. For mothers who have just given birth and started breastfeeding, you can expedite the early lactation milk is by affixing the turmeric that has been mashed around your breasts every other day. Turmeric is also efficacious plants toga relieve the symptoms of diabetes mellitus, with 3 boiling turmeric plus half a teaspoon of salt in one liter of water. After boiling, let cool and drink as much as half a cup twice a day.

To treat typhoid, toga plants can be used as many as two roots plus 1 and 1 stem sere leaves bitter. Blend all ingredients and then pour warm water and filtered. Typhoid disease can be cured by taking this herb on a regular basis once a week. Other diseases that can be treated with turmeric, ie chicken pox, appendicitis, dysentery, morbili, and tonsils.

Plants Toga - For Natural Treatment

So, it is very easy not to treat a variety of diseases and health complaints in a natural way ? Just by eating a nutritious plants, you can keep your body to stay healthy. Why spend a lot of money to go to the doctor if you can still cope with the disease the natural way. Moreover, most of the plants toga can treat more potent when compared with drugs worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Maybe some people have more faith in doctors and medicines that contain chemicals that nasty side effect. However, you should be smarter by utilizing the natural goodness, one of which is to grow and take advantage of a variety of plants toga for your health, family, and the environment.

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