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All Things About Various Kinds of Flowers.

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All Things About Various Kinds of Flowers. Kinds of flowers in the world widespread graced the earth's surface with an attractive color. All countries in the world have the flower as his trademark. This is shown by the presence of most of the country can be covered with variegated flowers. In this world there is a grouping of flowers. There are rare flowers and most beautiful flowers in the world. According to experts, the grouping of flowers according to the physical form of the interest owned.

Knowing the kinds of flowers, both rare flowers and most beautiful flowers in the world can help us to maintain and preserve interest in life. Most people like flowers because each has a color and meaning. Flowers can also be used for a variety of human needs, for example, to speak up, natural medicine, weddings or other events.

Various Kinds of Flowers : Meaning Color And Usefulness

Kinds of flowers can be used as a substitute for one's heart's content phrase. Each color has a different meaning. Here are some color flowers with meanings in it.
  • The color red has a romantic sense.
  • The yellow means friendship relations.
  • The white color has a meaning of respect.
  • Peach means thanksgiving.
  • The pink color has a meaning reward.
  • The orange color means providing motivation or encouragement.
  • The color purple has the meaning of love when I saw someone at first sight.
Kinds of flowers and colors can also be used to show that the interest rate can be used as a natural remedy. So in addition to beautiful flowers has efficacy. Here's a list of flower color and its benefits.
  • Flowers with black when used for treatment can cause power, confidence and increase the ability of people treated.
  • Flowers in blue when used for treatment can give you peace of mind and soul. The color can also reduce high blood pressure.
  • Red flower when used for treatment can improve morale.
  • Flowers in green when used for treatment can provide relaxation to the mind and body.
  • Flowers with purple when used for treatment can bring a sense of calm and peace.
  • Flowers with pink when used for treatment can give you peace.
  • Flowers in yellow when used for treatment can reflect and scatter light energy.
Kinds of flowers can also be used for family events, weddings and other events. There are various meanings of the colors of flowers. Here is a list of flowers with meaning.
  1. White chrysanthemum means truthfulness.
  2. Red chrysanthemum flower has a meaning of love.
  3. The orchid has a beautiful meaning and love.
  4. Jasmine means purity or chastity.
  5. White roses have a sense of purity and not overbearing.
Various kinds of Most Beautiful Flowers In The World

Every country has a very popular flower in the country although there are kinds of flowers that can grow and flower have in common with other countries. It can be a symbol of its own. That is, the symbol is to enjoy the beauty of the flower charm which every country. Every beauty of a country with different climates have different types of plants. Here are some famous countries in the world with the most beautiful flower symbol.

    The cherry blossoms in Japan

Japan is famous for country nicknames sunrise. The country has the beauty and uniqueness of the natural scenery. Cherry blossoms grow in this country. This interest can be found in several Japanese cities, including Tokyo, Kyoto, Nagasaki and Osaka. The cherry blossoms are blooming in cities with attractive color petals eyes of everyone. The cherry blossoms are not only looks beautiful when blooming but when it also looks beautiful fall flowers.

    Flowers poppies, daisies in Denmark

State of Denmark including the country whose territory is filled meadows, forest and plantation areas. One of the most beautiful flowers in the world are located in Denmark is flowers poppies, daisies. This flower is often enjoyed by tourists as spring.

    Tulips in the country of the Netherlands

Dutch state known as the land of windmills. Holland has tulips as a symbol of the country. Usually these flowers bloom and can be harvested to be distributed throughout the country in the spring. Flower planter in the Netherlands will look like a rainbow of colors when the flowers bloom. Usually the tulips bloom in April through September.

    Plumeria flowers in French country

Plumeria flower name name derived from the Latin name frangipani flowers (from Indonesia). Major interest is named after the French botanist. Name is Charles Plumier scientists. He was among the first to discover this interest when traveling to America in the sixteenth century. Flowers with attractive color beauty eye view of the country's tourist visitors.

    The orchids in the country of Indonesia

Flowers this one has its own charm for people of Indonesia. Indonesia has, cultivate fifty years ago. This flower has some kind of group with individual beauty. One type of orchid famous in Indonesia, orchids months.

Various Kinds of Rare Flowers In The World

Earlier reviews said that a variety of flowers can be a symbol of a country because of its beauty. In addition, with colorful flowers also have meanings and uses of each. However, the following will also be presented regarding the kind of flowers are rare in the world. Because of its rarity, these flowers still have an attraction for the tourists to see.
  • Coral Tree Fire, also called the naked coral tree.
  • Including the type of flowering tree in the family Fabaceae pea.
  • Can be found around the state of Arizona, USA.
  • These plants have a hard red petals, looks like coral or coral.
  • Usually it can be to live in the desert.
    Plants called Enter the Dragon (Darcunculus vulgaris).
  • Plants with large purple hood and has a branch on the plant.
  • It has a very unpleasant odor to humans.
  • Insects help pollinate at night. Later in the morning the day will fly by carrying pollen.
  • Flowers found in the Greek original.
  • Including parasitic Rafflesia flower.
  • This flower was discovered by Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles in 1818. He found these flowers during an expedition to the rainforests of Indonesia.
  • Besides vine stems, usually the flowers that can be seen by the visitors.
  • Rafflesia flower has five petals large round.
  • Removing the odor is not pleasing to those who see visit. The smell has become one of the tactics to attract insects to help the process of pollination.
    Sea Poison Tree or Strange fruit (Barringtonia asiatica).
  • This tree is originally from the Indian Ocean.
  • Tapered edges resemble petals and you can find the lava lamp.
    Plants with names Furry but strange (Stapelia grandiflora).
  •     The plant has a soft fleece on the outside.
  •     The function of the soft feathers to attract insects to aid pollination.
So review the variety of flowers ranging from the meaning of color, usability, beauty and rarity. Flowers is one Almighty God's creation with beauty and distinctive aroma. Flowers can also be cultivated to maintain its sustainability. However, the type of flowers that usually cultivated flower color and fragrance to attract people's attention. Kinds of flowers can also be cultivated into a business opportunity for those who want open a business at this time. So there's no harm once you know the type of beautiful flowers you are interested in starting a business in this area.

Various Kinds of Flowers for Ornamental Plants

Many have made the kinds of flowers as a symbol of affection for his partner. So it is not strange when the term "say with flowers" to express their feelings to the woman of his dreams man. Flowers does have many benefits. In addition to expressing feelings of love, flowers can also be used as decoration around the house. When you intend to make the flowers as decoration around the house, you should choose flowers that really fits and looks beautiful as a garnish. If the flowers are selected it is right, then the house will look much more beautiful. Here are the kinds of flowers that you can choose to use as decoration around the house.
Various Kinds of Flowers: Flower or Flower Kateliya Cambodia

This flower is a flower that grow in the area of Venezuela and Mexico. Flower is famous for its fragrance is very tempting. Frangipani flower is more international fame as the Plumeria flower, taken from the name of a plant expert from France, Charles Plumer. Before known as Plumeria, frangipani was first known as Frangipani. This flower is always used as a fragrance ingredient makers since the 16th century ago. However, in Indonesia interest rate is better known as grave as many grow in area cemeteries.

From the variety of kinds of flowers, frangipani flower is among the most captivating. The form is beautiful and fragrant scent of frangipani flowers make suitable used as ornamental plants in your home. Frangipani flower planting is not difficult. You can buy frangipani trees that could've been able to grow through the flowering or seed.

If you choose to plant frangipani flowers through seeds, make sure the seeds are visible cracks before planting. Before planting, drying the seeds about a half days. Planting seeds and store them in a lot of sunlight. Do not pour too much water on the seeds, because it will inhibit the growth of frangipani flower seeds.

Once the seedlings from seed grows larger, prospective frangipani trees move into a bigger place, with better soil quality. Give fertilizer periodically in order to grow healthy trees. When flowering, your hard work will pay off by planting beautiful and fragrant flower viewing. These flowers will grow healthier and green in a hot area. Therefore, it is also of interest does not require much water.

Various Kinds of Flowers: Flower Lotus

Lotus Flower is a kind of flower that grows on the surface of the water so I wonder if the people of the world know more about this lotus flower lily as the water is not from the type of lily. To make the lotus flower as a decoration around the house, you should have a small pond around the house because interest is only live in water. Besides its beauty, the lotus bungai also easy to handle, no fuss, and did not die quickly. Therefore, it would make a great flower plants for those who do not have much time for gardening. Colorful lotus flowers will make a fish pond in your yard more beautiful and harmonious. There are kinds of lotus flowers to choose from, but the most popular is the white lotus flowers and lotus flowers purple.

There are two ways of planting lotus flower, which is by seed or by way of generative and vegetative. In between the two, how vegetative is the most commonly used because it is easy to do: you just need to separate the lotus flower emerging seedlings. For maintenance, the lotus flower does not require fertilization; much less watering. The water where these flowers grow is sufficient to provide nutrients and nutrients needed lotus flower. The only thing that should be done by the owner of the lotus leaf is tidying the messy tendrils of lotus flowers placed in areas exposed to the sun.

Do not worry about pests and diseases will attack this flower. Because of this beautiful lotus flower tendrils and leaves are covered with a layer of wax is an effective defense system against pests and diseases.

Various Kinds of Flowers: Flower Shoes

Flowers was chosen by the world community as home decoration because of its beautiful and diverse. People usually make this hibiscus as a hedge in his yard because the interest is included in the type of shrub. Shoes flowers can grow up to a height of 2 to 5 meters. This flower is a flower that only grows in warm areas. Hibiscus will thrive in soil and latosol andosol. Loose soil, fertile, and rich in nutrients is an important requirement if you want your hibiscus grow healthy and fertile. Nurseries hibiscus can be done by vegetative, generative, and tissue culture. Whatever the chosen method of breeding, breeders ensure hibiscus plants that are healthy and productive.

Seeds that have grown into hibiscus plants must be maintained by removing weeds around it, water it regularly, and give fertilizer as needed. Watering hibiscus plants do not need to be done every day; quite sirami when the soil begins to dry, especially in the dry season.

Various Kinds of Flowers: Flower Tulip

Flowers typical of the Netherlands is a flower that are sought after by people who live in a country that has winter. These flowers can flourish once winter arrives. These flowers can also be grown in a tropical country, but growth is not the same as a country that has winter.

However, many Indonesian people trying to plant tulips in this tropical land of Indonesia. Planting tulips in a tropical climate is relatively difficult, because the bulbs are not accustomed to growing in hot climates. However, this interest can be forced to bloom faster if placed in a cooler with the cooler air temperatures, such as at high altitude or in a refrigerated room.

Various Kinds of Flowers: Carnation

Carnation is one of the most popular flower in the world other than roses. This flower is a picture of a beauty, sentimental feelings, and a long-lasting freshness. This flower has a very beautiful color variations so it is suitable to be used as decoration around the house. Just like tulips, carnations including subtropical kinds of flowers that require cold temperatures in order to grow. Carnations can be grown at a temperature of 10 ° C - 15 ° C. if you plant carnations at home, you should avoid the interest of the direct sun during the day so that wilt not let alone die. In addition, you also have to maintain the condition and make sure the planting medium moist.

That's the kind of flowers that are often used to beautify the yard. Although some of them come from places where the climate is different from the climate of Indonesia, some people managed to cultivate in order to grow in the highlands of tropical archipelago.

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