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Miss World 2013

miss world 2013
Illustration of Miss World 2013
Miss World 2013 would be the 63rd edition on the Miss World 2013 beauty pageant, will likely be held on 28 September 2013 in Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia as co-host, where quarantine are going to be located in Nusa Dua, Bali while the coronation night are going to be held on the Sentul International Convention Center, Bogor, Indonesia. In excess of 130 contestants will attend big celebration. Miss World 2012 was selected, Yu Wenxia from the People's Republic of China will crown his successor towards the end of the event.

Indonesia to host the Miss World initially. Indonesia had become the first Southeast Asian country that hold this contest in history. Miss World 2013 is the fourth international beauty contest locked in Indonesia after Miss ASEAN in 2005, the International Man in 2007, Mister International 2010, and Miss Coffee International in 2012. Within this same year, there won't be any by using a bikini in the contest, but was replaced with a sarong bali to respect the customs of the Indonesian nation.

Monthly anymore, Indonesia will host the prestigious Miss World 2013. Pride in organizing the wedding has also been felt by Novita Dewi. For dropout X Factor Indonesia that first, the Miss World 2013 brings a unique benefits. Specifically in terms of the image obtained.

"Proud and Indonesia that was ugly in the eyes of the world, time is been shown to be the most beneficial, or even the culture through music," he told Okezone in Kebun Orange, West Jakarta, recently.
Alex Rudiart lover have also been deeply optimistic that Indonesia has the capacity to perform in cases where. Moreover, based on Novita, the associated with Indonesia namely Vania Larissa incorporates a powerful ability.

"I wrote positively, he (Vania) can simply win, especially as he was also smart," he concluded.

Tantri - Box Band Vocalist. Here is the plan, a beauty event Miss World 2013 are going to be kept in Indonesia. Although a lot of pros and cons, even so the box incorporates a support Tantri. Based on a classy event International pride when it can be located in the united states. One definite pride. World wide with beautiful women representatives came to Indonesia. So introduce that Indonesia it isn't just Bali. Support. For event that Indonesia has a helpful natural and cultural incredible.

Miss World 2013 must success in Indonesia. The outspoken frontman hopes that eventually, women representatives from various countries can be a mouthpiece to mention positive values ​​of Indonesia. That Indonesia is not only the only real negative as reported. Hopefully, miss-miss worldwide who come here to become the notifier with the people there about Indonesia," he added.

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