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Tips and Strategies Deliver Speech Environment

Small Business School - Tips and Strategies Deliver Speech Environment. One of the important problems faced by Indonesia and the international community today is the destruction of ecosystems and the environment around us. That's why need to be campaigned again about the importance of protecting the environment, to keep it clean and undamaged, and stay healthy, both for human life and other living creatures. Forms campaigns, among other ways, through public speeches on the environment and the public.

Compared to other media notices, speeches directly has some advantages. Among others are the people can hear the message immediately. Additionally, when listening to speech, especially the broadcast over radio stations and television, people can hear and understand speech environment while doing other jobs, so do not spend time and interfere with the main activity.

Then if the speech could be recorded on tape or CD, then when it did not get to hear it directly, people can save the tape, and play it when there is a loose time from anywhere. Even when they're not at home or in other places. Thus, the speech can be conveyed to the audience or society without limits of time.

If the message about the need to protect the environment delivered through brochures and pamphlets were distributed or affixed to the wall or walls, of course, the message can be delivered very limited. Similarly banners that are usually installed in sidewalks, messages can be written also very limited.

Furthermore, if you use the book, it has also become less effective even very wasteful because the cost of manufacture of the book needs to be expensive. Besides, as we all know, interest in reading Indonesia is still very low. Certainly the message about the environment to be conveyed will not hit its full potential.

Using the concept of objective speech

That is a brief explanation of some of the excess use of speech compared with the other media. Even so, the speech would be delivered should also use a good concept, not only made perfunctory. The goal is of course that the message could be right on target. Thus, the content of the speech can be understood by the public or the listener with ease and if we want to give advice, they will make suggestions gladly.

Strategy Making Speech Text

Although only speak and convey the message in front of people, but for those who rarely do so, sometimes the work looks very trivial and easy this would be the most difficult type of work performed. This is because the person doing the speech can not develop messages about the environment that would be submitted.

To overcome this, so do not get confused, as would a speech, it is necessary to prepare first. The most common form of preparation to do is prepare a speech or written text that will be discussed later. Some things to consider when making the speech include the time provided. Before the text is made, calculate how long it takes to read a page of text speech. From here we can make a calculation of how long or many pages of text that should be made, so that the time available can be used more optimally.

Besides time, other things must be taken into account, when making a speech or writing a text is to whom the message in the speech to be delivered. Just to note, a speech delivered using text usually held on the forum or the atmosphere is more formal. Therefore, the language used should also pay attention to correct rules or standard rules in accordance with established standards. If the text is used in a speech at a forum hosted by science, we can use the data more complete and detailed.

For example, give an explanation of what percentage of forest in Borneo Islands, which has been damaged, and how many dollars the value of losses incurred and borne by society due to uncontrolled logging. All these problems can be explained by the numbers, and other data are very valid. However, if the text of the speech will be presented to the general public, the better-written messages of a general nature only. For example, it contains reviews of the impact if we do not keep the environment well.

Besides, it can also be the things that can be done together to protect the environment, to be sustainable and provide more benefits to their maximum. If enough time is available, the text of the speech was also delivered other things are interrelated. For example, about the losses incurred if we throw garbage in the river or times. Review a light like this would be better understood by them.

If the text is already finished and completed, do check back. So, if any errors can be fixed as soon as possible. Primarily on data or numbers must-really written with a very high level of accuracy. Because for academics, we deliver data can be used as a reference source to conduct a research on the environment. If the data we deliver nothing wrong would have caused fatal consequences.

And, the last before the text is printed or printed, specify the font size and the font that would be used. This is important especially if the person who will do the speech had eye or vision impaired. To avoid these undesirable things, such as a mistake of reading the text, it is better that you have created the text printed in a larger font size.

Speaking Tips Directly

In addition to using script writing or text, the speech can also be delivered in person. It is more suited to be on a forum or meetings that are not so formal or official. Things that need to be considered when addressing directly without the use of text, such as style of language used. If that comes at the forum mostly from groups who are adults or older, use language that is more subtle and polite. Avoid using words that are patronizing, especially when we age younger than them. Better language contains suggestions and invitations.

However, if most who came were young, we could use a more familiar language. Even if it is necessary and the situation permits, use slang words that are often used young child or teenager of today. The aim is that the message could wear and into their hearts. Then to create a warm, fresh and familiar, the speech can be done while bring the words and phrases suggestive jokes or jokes.

Furthermore, if the person who came to the show is delivering the speech of their young age or children, use language that is more simple and easily understood by them. On the sidelines of the delivery of the speech, we can invite them to sing along. Choose the type of song that contains an invitation, so we want to preserve the environment.

In this way, children who normally do not like to linger will feel welcome and are willing and interested to listen to speeches or messages about the environment that we want to  convey. Then the last one, the way they dress or the clothes we wear should also be tailored to the circumstances. When making a speech in front of the parents, we have to wear clothes that can create an impression neat and polite.

Then, for the speeches that were visited by a young man, wearing clothes that are more relaxed and not too formal. For events delivering speeches aimed at children, choose a dress that color can create an impression of happy and cheerful, in accordance with the souls of children who are always cheerful. We do not have to use a dress or shirt in which there are funny pictures. The important thing is, the color of the clothes can create an impression of a warm and familiar.

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