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Speech about education

Speech about education. An example of a speech on the theme of education. Speech indeed we often need in life, what more if we are people who have an important position. The speech itself has many types, there are speeches about his independence day speech on how to tackle global warming, independent day, speech about a speech about education and much more. This time through this short article I will give an example of a speech on the theme of education. Example speech about technology.

A speech about education like this usually made the task by teachers, language teachers usually Indonesia sent his student to search the text of the speech on the internet and then recite it in front of the class. Everyone may know that with the education of this nation could be more advanced, with education we can be smarter with education we can make these countries of developed countries. Without lingering refer to examples of speech about education with the theme of education Indonesia language below, since I am a Muslim and I am going to start by reading a greeting.

Assalamualikum wr. wb.

Good afternoon and greetings happiness for all of us
I respect Mr. principal
I respect Mr. and Mrs. teacher mentors
I love friends it all

First let us by always say their gratitude for the presence of God Almighty for the blessings as well as his help we all are still given the age of being able to gather here in order to read the text of the speech on the theme of education.

Education is one of the ways of the many ways we can be reached by Indonesia's achievement of a more advanced and better. Education is one of the processes which run very long, education cannot be imposed and accelerated. Education should run with natural and it takes a long time.

Education on its own is able to bring up ideas or ideas that might give a thought for us about how a new life. What about the education we can think about something which had not occurred at all in the minds of our thoughts.

In terms of its own physical nation Indonesia is a nation that is independent and free from colonialism, but knowing friends and father of teacher all that our nation is still colonized in terms of education. The level of ignorance and dropouts are still high in Indonesia seems to indicate that we are not serious about fostering education in this country.

Friends need to know, in other countries they can make cars, making motorcycles, making advanced TV, makes the rockets, making the plane, making HP and other electronics goods. Why can't we like them? The answer lies in education in this country. Humanity  if he is studious and enterprising attempt to then gradually she will be proficient. Don't tell people abroad that clever, they're just diligent and studious endeavor, and one they are not lazy in learning and they are very disciplined.

If we can persevere and diligent attempt even though we are ignorant, gradually we will be smart by itself. People abroad avidly read, what do we do ? They fought hard to live there outside the country, a beggar can become a rich person in Indonesia. Shouldn't we ashamed ?

Once again the way education is crucial to the future of this nation. Education as a means of supporting a better life of the nation should be true and earnest in educating participants of his protégé. In order to realize a better Indonesia education is indeed not an easy job, it must be in Balance with the funds and the hard work of all the elements in education.

Education must also be equipped with the lessons of courtesy (character) in the community. So with education don't just make students smarter, but can also make learners to be obedient to the manners, religion, respect for teachers and loved both parents. Education in Indonesia is indeed to be in cahnge, we need character education.

My friends all know that the corrupt people thief folk out there money is a smart guy. They could be corrupt because it has a certain position. That post their educational path. For that we need more than just a clever man, with civic we need smart humans and have good character.

For the future, I really hope that character education in schools continues to increase. We are a civilized nation, do not dirty our nation just because it wanted to retain a handful of irresponsible humans. Smart people will think twice before a word out of his mouth.

Hopefully with education which is currently heavily in treasure in Indonesia are able to bring this nation to a world level. May be able to bring the nation is a great nation and respected in the world scene. Who's the proud if this nation forward and great ? Of course our own. Start of the self's own friends, discipline to welcome our nation forward.

The brief speech this may bring benefits to all of us, especially for me personally. The final word may be useful.

Wassalamualaikum wr. wb.

Well that's just now is an example of a speech about education on the theme of education, may be useful. All this and thanks for his visit.

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