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CorelDraw - Benefits of Exercise Corel Draw

Corel Draw X3 M Logo

Many ways you can do to improve the capabilities in the field of graphic design techniques using computer tools. One of them is by increasing the portion of the exercise Corel Draw. This is because it is one of the Corel Draw software is often used to create a certain image design. By extending portions of this exercise corel draw, is one way for those who want to learn or improve skills in the field of graphic design. The more reps corel draw, then we will be more easy to do everything related to graphic design problems.

Convenience offered by corel draw, making the interest in software is getting bigger. That why, companies that own the rights to develop such programs are always developed a version of the Corel Draw. the aim is to enable users of such software when they're making a design graphic design. On the other hand, the development undertaken is intended to cover the deficiencies that exist in previous versions of Corel Draw. It is intended as a way to let users continue to make the program Corel Draw as a top choice when someone needs a graphic design software for them.

Advantages of Using Corel Draw

Corel Draw program is an auxiliary medium for people to realize their ideas in picture form. By using this corel draw, canvas and paper as a function of drawing media will be replaced. Monitor screen, the cursor pointer as well as a variety of existing tools will replace the role of writing instruments that are commonly used as a drawing tool. That is why, using the Corel Draw program, we could have some advantages when it wants to make a creation. Several advantages can be obtained by using Corel Draw, among others are :

Corel Draw program does not require the capacity when stored in computer memory. This certainly helps computer users, because the remaining space on the hard disk will be even greater. So that it can improve the performance of the computer itself. Corel Draw is very easy to install both on computers using Windows operating system or Linux as well. Thus, we do not have bound the operating system of choice in selecting a particular course.

Corel Draw tend to be easy to learn. Because, in which the facility has provided the attached tutorial software. On the other hand, is now also found many tutorials written in the book that will facilitate our study of Corel Draw. Adaptasiversi the storage process. So that when we create a form using Corel Draw, can save based version we want. For example, if we are using Corel Draw version 13, we can save it into a version of Corel Draw 11, so we can open it using the Corel Draw 11.

Corel Draw Tutorial

Tutorial Corel Draw is an initial command that should be read by the users of the software before using it. This is particularly preferably carried out by novice users. The purpose of this tutorial is to make it easier for users when using such software, and also to optimize the various functions that exist in it. In reading the tutorial Corel Draw, there are some basic functions that should be controlled by its users. Especially for novice users, they must have some ability to make the basic shape of an image using Corel Draw it.

The basic function that should be controlled by the user Corel Draw are :

Making a circle. To be able to make a perfect circle, we have to use multiple commands simultaneously. Among others, by using the arrow, henceforth we suppress the symbol of the circle. In addition, we need to press the control (ctrl) on keyboard. This is important, because if not pressed the button, it could be that we produce will circle-shaped oval.

Make a straight line. Done the same way with steps to make a circle. That is the punch line of icons on the screen as well as assisted with the Control key on the keyboard. Combining object. This method is intended for two or more existing objects can be formed into a new object by combining them. You do this by doing a block on all objects, then we press Ctrl + G on your keyboard.

Shadow technique. This effect will create a lighting effect in a particular direction that create an impression of three-dimensional image. Thus, the images created will seem real and alive. Embosing is a technique that is created with the aim of creating the impression arises in the picture. So that the impression will appear in the image becomes more real.

Creating a Logo

Manufacture of a wide range of logo on it's been a lot of use corel draw help. Therefore, by using corel draw this, making it easier for an object, including those that are complex and require high detail.

Besides being easy, making a logo with Corel Draw tool will also save even more time. Therefore, for any effects needed to create a logo, can be found in the program. Which makes it easier again is the facility "import" where we can take an object from the outside to then put into the design that we created. It is far more efficient than if we had to do with the way the manual.

Tips to Make Logo

There are two ways we can do if you want to create a logo with the help of Corel Draw. Both ways are equally pretty easy to do. Staying then, we specify the tastes and needs, how to determine how to design a logo creation. Typically, between each designer has their own way in making a masterpiece.

The first way is by way of plagiarizing. How this is done by inserting the sample into the logo that was about to be made in Corel Draw page. When the sample is about to be replicated is still in hard copy, we can move into soft copy scanned by using scanner machine. Then we just mimic the logo on the logo which was used as a pattern. selenjutnya when the entire logo is completed, the master logo can be removed so we've got a new logo created using Corel Draw. This will save a lot of time because it does not require complex calculations. Therefore, we only follow the existing pattern only.

Another way that can be used to make the logo is to use the manual way. Ie we look at an example that has been tersedeia, and create their own designs without using a master pattern. Typically, this way more complicated, because we have to take measurements for each piece. Elaborate on the logo, it will usually take longer. If we use the first way, we can make a small part to enlarge the object using the "zoom" so that small parts will be seen more clearly.

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